Spiritual Regression between lives

Spiritual Regression uses deep hypnosis to guide you beyond a past life and into what appears to be soul memories between lives. The session can last up to four hours long. In therapeutic terms the objective is to help you to understand your soul progression and spiritual purpose for this life, and consequently offer greater insight into how you live your life, providing opportunities to make any changes that you believe appropriate.

The regressions are based primarily on the pioneering work of Michael Newton who collected his studies with clients for over thirty years building a picture of the activities occurring between lives. Whilst each experience will be unique, the major aspects have been confirmed by thousands of consistent reports from clients working with different therapists and in different countries around the world. Life Between Lives Regression appears to provide the most compelling picture up till now of the journey of the soul when a life has ended.

When a past life has ended, clients often talk about being welcomed by deceased friends or family and receiving healing to shed the denser emotions and heavier energies associated with the physical world, allowing the soul to enter the higher frequency vibrations of the spirit realm. Spirit Guides often help the soul to review the past life. The only judgment in this review tends to come from the clients themselves.

Your soul group may be encountered in this session. These are souls that may work together closely over many lives, although relationships may vary from family members to friends, lovers or even to others having a short yet significant impact. Reuniting with them is often described as a profoundly moving experience in which some finally feel that they have really arrived home.

At another point you may meet 'Elders', who are evolved spirits that no longer need to physically reincarnate. They may work with a soul to review their progress and replay any of its past lives and discuss aspects until the soul understands the progress made and then help choose the challenges of the next life. Done with love, compassion and the participation of the soul it leads to the next physical incarnation having a purpose.

It is good to remember that you may only recount some of these elements in any given regression as the experience tends to be highly fluid, not conforming to a rigid pattern. A four hour LBL session costs one hundred and twenty pounds Also you will need to have had a two hour past life regression on a different day prior to this at sixty pounds