Introduction to past life Regression Workshop

I offer occasional talks and workshops with the aim of enabling participants to discover more about who they are

'So What Have You Come Back for This Time?'

This is a talk and workshop at a 'Truthjuice' event on Tuesday 13th March at 8pm
E57 Club
699 Alcester Road South
B14 5EY

The talk focusses on the journey of the soul, as it moves in and out of physical lives.
It will address questions such as:

‘How come we reincarnate time and time again?’

‘What do we gain from our experiences?’

There will be an exercise aimed at helping the participant to find their own answers, followed by a discussion.

I will also be available to talk about the subject after the session.
Hope to meet you there 

Dave Graham is a practising Regression Therapist based in Kenilworth where he has focussed on the therapeutic side of past life work for ten years. This talk is based on his work with clients, his own regressions, experiences shared from colleagues around the globe and a variety of channelled messages.

So, if you feel drawn to finding out more then please feel free to contact me with any queries on
07854 538495 or

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