Past Life Regression Therapy

"Who says the eternal being does not exist?
Who says the sun has gone out?
Someone who climbs up on the roof,
closes his eyes tight and says,
I don't see anything."
Jalalu'l-din Rumi

Regression Therapy (1 to 1 sessions)

In Regression Therapy you can expect a service aimed at getting to the root of the problem wherever that may be. This may include memories that appear to originate from a past life or maybe from earlier in your current life. Going right to the source of an issue and exploring the nature of it whilst you are in a safe and protected environment can allow new insights and resolution for issues that affect you in the present. Regression Therapy facilitates healing at a deeper physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level than many other therapies.

Regression Therapy has been developed over the last thirty years by a variety of professional psychologists and psychiatrists. Today it is being increasingly recognised as a powerful and relatively brief alternative to psychotherapy. Regression Therapy may incorporate hypnosis, psychodrama, visualisations, body therapy, spirit release and energy healing.

You do not need to believe in reincarnation to enjoy the full benefits of Regression Therapy. I only ask you to be open to your own experience.

Regression Therapy can help with many issues such as:-
•Emotional issues•Obsessive thoughts
•Unexplainable Physical Symptoms•Depression
•Anxiety•Panic Attacks•Insecurities
•Food Intolerance/ Allergies•PTSD•Anger
•Phobias•Blocked Feelings•Self Harm
 Or it can simply be for those that see themselves on a spiritual quest.

A two hour session costs sixty pounds

Past Life Regression (1 to 1 sessions)

In Past Life Regression you can expect an aspect of Regression Therapy which is aimed specifically at memories of one or more of your previous physical existences. These can be accessed for therapeutic affect or simply for curiosity.

Revisiting a previous physical existence in order to understand current life issues and then seek healing for them, can prove to be a powerful experience for many. Even to gain a new or better understanding of how life works for you, from a different perspective can be very powerful in itself.

Left over issues from past lives can bleed through and impact on a current life causing difficulties and confusion which might resist healing from other therapies. Patterns can be recognised and healing facilitated at a deep level for clients engaging in this therapy.

The implications of Past Life Regression can leave you examining the nature of your life. If you have lived before in a different body, with different experiences then it is natural to consider the nature of your current life. Past Life Regression can lead you to a holistic perspective of your life that works through blockages and can lead to forgiveness for yourself and others for current life events.

A two hour session costs sixty pounds

How does Past Life Regression work as a Therapy?

Past Life Regression offers a therapy aimed at finding healing at the source of an issue.

Unresolved issues in the form of thought, emotion or physical memories can be transferred from one life to another, especially when strongly charged at the end of a life. This charge can be held within your aura as an imprinted pattern. When you reach the end of your life, this imprint is transferred to your soul as it leaves your physical body. Ultimately your soul will reincarnate in a new life, complete with past life experiences embedded within this imprint on your soul. Going back to the source of an issue and seeking to resolve any of these highly charged energies can invoke healing which has a corresponding affect on your current life.

As an adult, if you have an opportunity to go back and find resolution and forgiveness for childhood incidents or earlier life relationships that have caused hurt, then you may be much more able to continue your life in peace and with a sense of acceptance once that has been achieved. As an adult, you may know that the person that you are today, is built upon your childhood experiences. In a similar way, each life that you experience is built upon a previous life. Finding resolution and forgiveness for yourself and others through revisiting past life experiences, can bring about a deeply profound form of healing that many other therapies cannot achieve.

'How come this keeps happening to me --yet everyone else seems okay?'
Are you here to encounter particular difficulties and choose your best way of dealing with them?

I don't understand why I always react like this 
Might some past life incident indicate a challenge that you have set for yourself to find a new way of dealing with that kind of problem.

Where does this symptom come from? 
Could you have brought some issues with you even before you were born--just waiting for an early life trigger to set them off?

Nobody can tell me why I keep getting this pain 
Injuries from a previous life can carry through to the current life in the form of an imprint on the soul

I'm sure we have known each other before 
Soul groups may agree to meet up in a life to help each other with that lifes tasks

What if I get stuck?
This does not happen. Simple grounding exercises at the end of a session enable you to feel ready to continue your day.

What if I have a bad time in another life?
You may feel drawn to a memory of a traumatic event that holds specific meaning for you. In such a case you will be guided through it with sensitivity.

Past Life Regression Workshop

I offer occasional workshops with the aim of enabling participants to experience a visit to one of their past lives.

Price £20.

Please mail me if this workshop interests you in Birmingham or Kenilworth. I shall hold a list and arrange another when i have sufficient numbers

Although there may be variations, these workshops are based on a format as described below:

---Introduce myself briefly followed by
---Invite group to introduce themselves

Ten Minute Talk on Reincarnation
---Near Death Experiences
---Past Life Recall in Children

Physical Loosening up

A Simple Guided Meditation

Psychic Exercise 1

Psychic Exercise 2

Past Life Induction Exercise

---Questions and Answers

The workshop is estimated to last two and a half to three hours long.

Look out for the next workshop

Please note that this workshop has been designed as a visit to a past life and not as a therapy in itself

Further queries can be addressed to myself by email or telephone.

My contact details are:-
Mobile: 07854 538 495

Life Between Lives (Spiritual) Regression (1 to 1 session)

LBL Regression uses deep hypnosis to guide you beyond a past life and into what appears to be soul memories between lives. The session can last up to four hours long. In therapeutic terms the objective is to help you to understand your soul progression and spiritual purpose for this life, and consequently offer greater insight into how you live your life, providing opportunities to make any changes that you believe appropriate.

The regressions are based primarily on the pioneering work of Michael Newton who collected his studies with clients for over thirty years building a picture of the activities occurring between lives. Whilst each experience will be unique, the major aspects have been confirmed by thousands of consistent reports from clients working with different therapists and in different countries around the world. Life Between Lives Regression appears to provide the most compelling picture up till now of the journey of the soul when a life has ended.

When a past life has ended, clients often talk about being welcomed by deceased friends or family and receiving healing to shed the denser emotions and heavier energies associated with the physical world, allowing the soul to enter the higher frequency vibrations of the spirit realm. Spirit Guides often help the soul to review the past life. The only judgment in this review tends to come from the clients themselves.

Your soul group may be encountered in this session. These are souls that may work together closely over many lives, although relationships may vary from family members to friends, lovers or even to others having a short yet significant impact. Reuniting with them is often described as a profoundly moving experience in which some finally feel that they have really arrived home.

At another point you may meet 'Elders', who are evolved spirits that no longer need to physically reincarnate. They may work with a soul to review their progress and replay any of its past lives and discuss aspects until the soul understands the progress made and then help choose the challenges of the next life. Done with love, compassion and the participation of the soul it leads to the next physical incarnation having a purpose.

It is good to remember that you may only recount some of these elements in any given regression as the experience tends to be highly fluid, not conforming to a rigid pattern.

A four hour session costs one hundred and twenty pounds. You will also need to have had a past life regression prior to this.