The following comments have all been offered from clients approximately 2-6 weeks after a regression, unless otherwise stated.

You were a very reassuring presence both within and outside of the sessions ….. In all, I am beginning to make sense of my life's experiences up to now, based on what I learned in the sessions and in small but increasing ways, the real me is starting to emerge . 

Mary, Birmingham. 2 months on

I cannot tell you how immense the last sessions were with you

Mary, 18 months after same regressions


the two sessions that i had with you were outstanding for me, both for different reasons. With your guidence you have given me confidence to meditate on my own without fear of any negative thoughts pushing in. I felt relaxed with you and you gently guided me to a place where I could never have reached on my own.

Sally, Wolverhampton


– I certainly feel more positive in myself and, to a certain degree, more tolerant, although I don’t know whether or not that is just me or as a result of the regression. It was definitely an experience that’s for sure!!

Lisa, Rugby


Dave – the experience was highly relevant and equally therapeutic. I was amazed by the level to which my subconscious or spirit was relating to the issues I told you about. I did not think that it would dominate my ‘peace’ time and was not expecting such connectivity. It was a very calming and rewarding experience and I have not given another negative thought to the issues that were raised. I found it highly interesting too. I thought that you were sensitive and kind and that you did not impress upon my mind any external thoughts. Most importantly, the ball that was crunching up my solar plexus has completely disappeared and I feel calm with more energy for the now.
I still can’t get my head around the faith in the afterworld bit but whatever happened, the process worked well for me. 

Heather, Sutton Coldfield


Firstly I find your tone of voice, your perception and your overall method of conducting the sessions very, very reassuring and professional. It made me feel safe.
The PLR and LBL, on both days, were exceptionally relevant. I had not come to Dave because of a 'problem' but because I was reaching out in the hope of understanding my role in the 'here and now' better. The experiences were very useful in that regard and each past life and the experiences after each death made a lot of sense. I came away on both days invigorated and energised.

It has done what I hoped and given me an understanding of other lives I've lived which have led me to where I am in this current life.

Anne, Spain


I would recommend past life regression to all people it's a relatively new / controversial concept but if it works then who cares right? it has helped my put to rest a thirty six year old problem in two hours.
I found the whole experience to be enjoyable and i feel lighter as a reult.

Katie, Birmingham


I feel I a burden was taken from me

Marcia, Birmingham


The whole experience was comfortingly calm and controlled, at no time did I experience any negativity.

Julie, Rugby2 weeks later

I am happy and content and going forward …. This change was instigated by my session with you and am so very grateful to you for your help.

Julie, 11 months on from same regression


I found the experience on the whole a very pleasent & emotional it was great that you could target my spritual devolpment, which was impotant to myself.

Paul, Coventry


I guess it put things into perspective. Instead of getting stuck in the negative details for the whole thing, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Eileen, Warwick


I do feel somehow fuller, more sure of myself, and more strongly grounded since the session,
I think the work you do is really fantastic and have told friends about the sessions.
I'm also completely happy to recommend you if any prospective clients want to chat with a previous client for a testimonial before signing up!

Vanessa, Coventry


Dave is a great therapist with good insight -and aware of working with Compassion

Terry, Coventry


I find it fascinating and believable that we have experienced previous lives and that they must contribute to the lives and lessons that we are living here on earth. I felt as part of my own spiritual journey it was right to explore this experience to understand myself and my purpose for being here better and it proved to be the right decision.

It is hard to articulate how and what has changed. A shift has been made inside of me where I have become more at peace with myself, with certain difficult relationships and obstacles that I may face. I now have more trust in me to make the right decisions which especially came about from my second session which involved the journey of my soul.

I would just like to say a big thank you to you for all your help in assisting me of letting go of long standing issues that were holding me back from living the life that I know that I deserved. You, your sessions and your workshops have contributed heavily to my well being that I feel today, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Jane, Birmingham


The differences included changes in behaviours standing up for my
opinions, debating situations further and challenging others in a
constructive manner. Also I noticed that I more relaxed with myself.

Mark, Bedworth


It was truly an amazing experience indeed. I enjoyed it immensely.

Natasha, London


. I just want to thank you so much for helping me to meet my Spiritual Guide on Wednesday evening. I have visualised the journey and meeting several times since and it's still as beautiful and clear and vivid. It's amazing how no words were spoken between us but I knew what he was saying. I felt so protected and loved and blessed and privileged to be chosen…… I never really thought about meeting my Guide at this time - this really has exceeded all my expectations.

Jo, Solihull


'there are many changes, I have more confidence and I have been saying no which never happens, almost like I have given myself permission not to take 2nd best anymore, I have no idea where it comes form but I know the experience has made me much stronger' Jane, Leamington --two months after regression

'given time all becomes very clear, a cathartic and deep experience that now enables me to be much more confident and positive in my life.' Jane, Leamington --one year after the same regression


'I feel sort of whole' Lucy, Coventry-two weeks after regression

'The experience was refreshing and completely uplifting. Giving me a greater understanding of where my feelings come from and put to rest some issues that were in my present life. I feel peacefully assured and encouraged to move on with life as being able to reflect on this experience and the positive emotions I felt throughout gives me peace of mind.' Lucy, Coventry -four months after same regression


'I found the session with Dave be of great interest and amazed that my acute shoulder pain which had troubled me for 2 years within a week totally ease. I feel released from that constant pain. I never realised that Past Life regression could help with physical problems and have recommended Past life regression with Dave graham to friends and family.' Jenny, Leamington


'My issue was very broad and I found it hard to focus on a specific aspect, but Dave helped me to focus on the reason that I was there, so that I could find resolution in the end. Thank you Dave' Cheryl, Leamington


'The session was very relevant to what it was intended for and it dealt with the issues that i now face in my life. My thirst has not yet been quenched for regressions and i am definately interested in doing more.' Patrick, Coventry


'I feel that I have gained a good deal from the three sessions and have become more aware of what is really inside me, if you can understand that? I'd like to thank you for your help with this and won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know who could benefit from your services.' Matt, Stratford


‘… eating all sorts of foods that I wouldn't have dared to eat over the last 5 years and still been fine!' S. Leamington (food intolerance sufferer)


'The regressions allowed me to gain many insights into important issues in my life at the moment and are helping greatly in my ability to resolve them.' Billy, B’ham


'I really enjoyed the Past Life Regression Workshop and was pleasantly surprised at what I achieved... I felt a confidence boost as well as quite thrilled at what I actually got and remembered. In fact I left feeling happy and contented.' Angela, Leamington


'I found the work very useful and it helped me a lot' Hazel, Coventry


'it is a significant learning experience for me. So you were a great help to me for which I thank you' Barry, Birmingham