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"You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.”  C.S. Lewis


A Life Between Lives Regression Session

Vanessa came to see me for two sessions. She had been experiencing many problems over depression, poor self esteem and difficult family relationships. She felt stuck.  The first session was aimed at finding a past life that helped her to understand the challenges that she was presented with in her current life.

She went to a life where she was a girl growing up in early twentieth century rural USA, within a family controlled by a violent and abusive father. As a young woman she broke away from her home and eventually she met a man with whom she began her own family, despite carrying deep scars from her earlier life. By the end of that life she felt a great deal of remorse and guilt for not being able to demonstrate the kind of love and emotional support that she felt her family, especially her children needed. She understood this to be due to the effects of her early life relationship with her father. Towards the end of the session she sought to find forgiveness for her father for the abuse, the brutality and the reign of terror that she had to endure during those younger years. However this was way too much for her, she was simply unable to forgive him for the hurt he had caused her.

The second session was focussed on her ‘Life between Lives’ and her soul purpose in choosing this life. The following transcript is taken from a section where she was accompanied by 'spirit guides'; beings of light seeking to help her in this quest. She found herself being drawn back to the relationship with her ‘past life father’ that she encountered in her first session

Key T: Therapist C: Client

C: I have been trying to let go of resentment, and my guides seem to be telling me that I am ready now .... and I feel more ready.

I am being drawn back to meet him again, even though he has frightened me so much. There is such a blackness within him ....  yet he seems a little different this time, he’s more neutral. ....... His image is clearing up now, I can see him …. he is crippled up in pain. ............... He is not a black soul, he is a tortured soul!

T: so how does that affect your feelings of resentment?

C: I don’t resent him, I feel sorry for him. I am telling him that I forgive him. It feels like we are both free now. We are embracing.

(Vanessa continues a moment later)

It seems like in being able to forgive him I am also able to forgive myself for all the mistakes I have made, all the times I have let myself down. I don’t need to punish myself any more for not being good enough. Not so self critical. My guides are pointing out that it is time for me to acknowledge my true worth.

T: Ask your guides to show you some of your activites when you are not in a physical life. Something that reflects the true nature of your soul

C: I am seeing souls ‘passing over’ at the end of their life

T: What are you doing there?

C: I am observing them

T: Are you doing anything else?

C: I am helping them.

T: In what way are you helping them?

C: I am meeting them and I sit with them. I talk with them and ……  now it seems that I am helping them to interpret their life. The lessons that they are working on.

T: So the relationship that those souls have with you, is the same kind of relationship that you have with your guides

C: Well, yes....... Ohh! I am with my guides now. I mean that I am amongst them. I am one of them, they are surrounding me. It feels wonderful!......

(long pause)

There is even more insight now. I realise that I chose all these challenges, that past life and now this life. I think I even chose my guides. I wanted to become a better guide and needed to go through this to empathise more deeply and understand how it is for people

T: So experiencing abuse and brutality is the major challenge that you took on to help you achieve this. Going through all the negative emotions until you are finally able to forgive. 

C: Yes. I can feel them all around me now. They are real close. I feel like I have grown somehow.

The session illustrates how the act of forgiveness has great significance in our quest to evolve spiritually. Forgiveness liberates each party, allows blockages to unravel and awareness of our true nature to emerge. However it also shows that it is important for the feeling of forgiveness to be authentic. If a person needs extra time and patience to gain this, then they can take as much as they need. The session also shows how spirit guides will help us gain insight into our true nature, and how we can take on tough challenges to help us to evolve.

Another aspect of the session showed how it simply does not serve us to be in awe of our spirit guides. It serves us much better to recognise that all the qualities that we perceive to be in them are also within each of us. Guides can help us to become aware of that.
(names changed)


A Past Life Regression Therapy Session

"All the world 's a stage,
and all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts"

As You Like It (Act II, Scene VII).  William Shakespeare.
The experiences that a person has around the end of a past life will often have particular significance for the issues that a person faces in another life. Exploring the thoughts and feelings can yield powerful insights into unresolved issues, and thus the challenges that the person may face now. The following example illustrates this.

Jane was a 33yo single woman when she came to see me. She told me that her life felt stuck. She had suffered bouts of depression, feeling suicidal at one point. Her relationships with men always seemed to fail leaving her feeling very alone. Her relationship with her family was also difficult at times, especially in clashes with her brother, Mark. Her attempts to push on with her career and her ambitions were going nowhere. She felt that she was losing her dream of a happy and fulfilling life.

We set an intention for her to go to the time and place that lay at the root of her issues. This turned out to be around Eighteenth Century Europe.

The following transcript shows what happened.


C: I’m just getting an impression of a battle. Horses, swords, fire, noise, the smell. I am a soldier, but not an ordinary soldier, I seem to be leading them in battle, but it’s not going well. We lose, I am captured.

T: and then what happens?

C: I am at a harbour, we are chained together. There is a crowd there and they are jeering and shouting at us. I am scared! We are all scared! These people have a reputation for brutality. Now we are boarding a ship.  I think we are below decks. It’s dark, like a dungeon!

T: Just notice your body. What are you doing there?

C: It feels like I am sitting down. I have chains around my wrists, they are tied in front of me and up in the air. Chains around my ankles, as well. There are others here with me….. Somebody is hitting me across my back with a stick. His clothes look like Napoleon’s

T: How do you feel?

C: Angry! How dare he?  I’m pulling on the chains. I’m shouting, although I don’t even know what I am shouting! I am desperate, I feel alone.

T: Ok, go forward now to the next significant event.

C: Nothing happens. I’m still there, nobody comes. I’m realising that nobody will come. No food, no water, no rescue.

T: Angry?

C: No anger now. Just despondent. I cannot fight, I cannot get away. It feels more and more hopeless.

T: Go forward till something changes

C: Nothing changes, I am just resigned to my fate. I have always fought to win but now I have fought and lost. My strength is slipping away from me. No matter how I try I cannot win, I cannot escape. Nothing I can do. This is defeat, and death is close now. I have had enough, I want it to end.

T: Go through to the point when you are ready to leave your body. Tell me what you become aware of

C: Feeling light, it is all light above me. I am moving upwards...... Oh, this is better!..... Oh! This is beautiful!............. There’s my Nan!

She enjoyed a reunion with her Nan, before we reviewed her past life experience from the spirit realms, searching for the meaningful aspects that affect her now.  Jane realised how the thoughts that were with her in that final period of the soldiers life were thoughts that she held about herself now. ‘No matter how I try, I cannot win’ and‘Life is more and more hopeless!’

She also realised that the way the emotions played out then were also familiar to her now. How the drive to make her life succeed would change to despondency and hopelessness, feeling alone. This would often end in a resignation that she did not have the strength to achieve what she wanted out of life.

We revisited the scene to exhaust the energetic charge that originated from that incident. She no longer needed to be governed by her sub conscious thoughts ‘No matter how I try, I cannot win’ ‘Life is more and more hopeless!’ We allowed the emotional charge held there to play out and exhaust itself.

We then revisited the scene again and used body therapy to release the energy that was lodged at the cellular level in her physical body. In this way Jane’s body was able to experience the sensation of breaking free from the chains that held her. This enabled her to reconnect to her own sense of power. The energetic blockage was being released at each level; mental, emotional and physical.

Note that Jane was simply invited to go to the time and place that her issues came from, her sub-conscious wisdom took over at that point. She intuitively went to the place she needed to, and then gained her own understanding of the effect of the past life on her life now.  She no longer needed to simply react to patterns set up in another lifetime, she was now free to move forward with her life.


Yet within all this, there was even more happening at a spiritual level.

In the period following the end of the past life, I invited the ‘spirit’ of the prison warder to come to her. This section shows what happened

C: He is sat down in front of me. He has his head in his hands, crying. He is distraught. ........... I don’t feel scared now, I don’t feel angry. I feel for him, I am putting my hand on his shoulder

T:  Then what happens?

C: Oh! His face! He looks just like Mark! I think it is him! Oh, I just feel such compassion for him now.  (Mark is Jane’s brother in her present life)

The session continued with them rekindling the bond that they held between each other at soul level. It is not unusual for souls to incarnate at the same time in order to help each other with life challenges. It can be as family, friends and also as enemies.

Jane was able to make a connection with her spirit guide. This relationship helped her to understand that she took on that life as an opportunity to develop her capacity for compassion –even towards those that would do her harm. The negative feelings that she experienced got in the way of that, until she was no longer in a physical life. She also realised that this has been a task that she is working on in this life.

In another session, she connected with her spirit guide in the period between lives, as below.


T: Tell me what is happening

C: He (her spirit guide) is holding a large heavy bag out in front of him. It looks like it is a bag full of rocks.

T: Ok, what is he doing with it?

C: He just lets go of it…. Oh! He is showing me that the weight has been dropped! I don’t have to carry it any more.

(Names changed)

The following article was published in Mosaic Lifestyle Magazine.

Past Life Regression

A Voyage of Self Discovery for Mosaic Readers
 I first discovered how powerful Past Life Regression could be whilst working as a hypnotherapist in Birmingham and Kenilworth. I realised just how it could touch the inner core of a person to promote lasting change. Now, following further studies and training, I am increasingly amazed at the insight and difference it offers for those experiencing this therapy

In the last issue of Mosaic, a notice for readers to undergo regression produced an overwhelming response. The main requirements were that:
a) each person wanted the experience for more than curiosity alone.
b) we did not already know each other
Here are some of the outcomes:-

Jenny wanted a better understanding of her soul purpose. Whilst looking for an entry to a past life, she complained about a sharp ache in her left shoulder that had been troubling her for two years, so I asked her to focus deeply on that. Quite soon, she reported impressions and feelings of a young man in mediaeval armour, injured in battle with a spear through his shoulder, subsequently dying from his injury. We found that earlier in his life he enjoyed a happy upbringing within a devout spiritual family, forming strong ideals, before joining the church army, where he was especially aware of the sense of camaraderie between the soldiers.

When reviewing the purpose and themes of that life, Jenny made connections to her current life through a shared sense of ‘wanting to give’. In this, she understood her current purpose in her work as a therapist as well as her other relationships. We revisited the battlefield injury to her shoulder to release and transform energy blockages that were generated there, using body therapy and simple psychodrama techniques. One month later, Jenny reports: ‘I feel released from that constant pain’.

Lucy wanted to explore how her relationships always seemed to be blighted as they were unable to live up to the standards that she expected. She visited a life as a girl in Edwardian England, living an idyllic existence with her parents. She experienced an especially strong, loving relationship with her father until he died when she was twelve. Although she grew up and married a man she loved, this relationship was undermined by knowing that it did not live up to the standards of love she felt with her father. She had no children and lived a privileged lifestyle, surviving her husband into old age, yet finding life lonely and unfulfilling.

In reviewing that life Lucy realised that her father then was very like her own grandfather in this life, who had also died when she was twelve. Lucy understood them to be one and the same. She expressed a great deal of happiness to understand connections between life then and now, with a renewed value in the ‘joy of life’ and in her ‘child-like innocence’. Lucy enjoys her family around her, never feeling lonely. Two weeks later she commented: ‘I feel sort of whole!’

Patrick felt that he did not fit in due to shyness and his inability to assert himself amongst strong personalities. He went back to a life as a forceful and uncompromising hunter, losing out in a trade dispute with local townspeople. Imprisoned and then banished, he experienced the feeling of ‘giving up’ on life and lived out his days alone in nature, seeking fulfilment, yet this was tainted by a sense of resentment and regret.

At the end of that life he went to a place where he could review it, describing himself as ‘like a little cloud joining a bigger cloud.’ We returned to incidents and characters to release and transform energy blockages that were generated there. A month later Patrick reported how it dealt with ‘issues that I face in life’.

Cheryl came for two sessions to understand why her life lacked a serious relationship. She visited a life as a lonely farmer and another as an African tribesman, teaching the tribes’ children about the earth, life and the seasons. At the end of that life she witnessed the hordes of tribes’ people from miles around, coming to pay respects at his funeral. Through this she gained valuable insight into her current life without a partner - in particular the difference between resigning herself to the loneliness in that, compared with the fulfilment that comes from helping a great many people through the meaningful nature of her work and other relationships. After two weeks Cheryl said that she felt ‘much more settled’.

Past Life Regression is the practice of uncovering memories of a previous physical existence. It is also an aspect of Regression Therapy, which is aimed at the root of a problem, wherever that may be. For a deeper therapeutic affect more than one session is often necessary.

Dave was trained by the Past Life Regression Academy and is a member of The European Association for Regression Therapy

For more information about Past Life Regression visit or contact David Graham at: or tel: 07854 538495.


A Past Life Regression Case Study

When Billy Met Debbie...again and again and again

Billy was at a crossroads in his life when I first began working with him. He had reached his late forties, finding himself with no career, no job and dealing with the affects of a close bereavement. He had expressed such a strong interest in the concept of reincarnation, that it seemed only natural to offer ‘past life regression’ to help him to make sense of his world. This seemed to work well for Billy. In this particular session he asked if regression could help him to work through a confusing and difficult relationship he was having with a friend, Debbie, who was suffering from an alcohol dependency. Using suggestions to enable him to relax, I asked Billy to choose the most relevant past life for this purpose. This appeared to be a memory of a life in Mediaeval England. This is how the session continued:-

BILLY: There’s a village… it’s being attacked by soldiers…I am one of the soldiers

THERAPIST: You are attacking the village

BILLY: Burning…burn the villages….it’s just what we do! They do it to us and we do it to them. It’s better to do it to them than have it done to us

THERAPIST: So what happens next?

BILLY: We take the women…one of the women is Debbie (feels like the same person) …she’s a wise woman of the village…she’s a healer, a midwife…helps women give birth

THERAPIST: now that you have taken these women. What happens next?

BILLY: I kill her (Debbie)

Billy started to tell me more about the incident and how it almost seemed to be a way of life for those in the army at that time. Then I asked him about his feelings in the aftermath of the event

BILLY: Feels wrong…and now I feel guilty … I’m shocked that I feel guilty!…. I can’t tell anyone else how I feel ....if I told anyone I would just be seen as being weak. You can’t be seen as being weak in the army…the other soldiers would make your life a misery

I took Billy forward through the rest of his life where he described it as being full of guilt and remorse, haunted by this event. He tried to atone by making items of beauty, metal works and railings for the cathedral. Praying in a chapel daily for forgiveness yet never feeling as though he was forgiven. Years later as a white haired elderly man, he took his own life in an attempt to escape those feelings that he had never been able to share. After his death I asked if he was able to find his spirit guide, (in an earlier session, Billy had formed a strong connection with his female spirit guide, who he knew as Ali) so they could review that life together.

BILLY: I am watching the incident again with her

THERAPIST: How do you feel about it

BILLY: I feel even worse….shame!

THERAPIST: What does Ali say to you?

BILLY: She says that I need to be aware that I am not the only one to suffer….she wants me to see that it wasn’t only Debbie that suffered either, but also her children, her family and more…(long pause)... I have to make good, I have to help her

THERAPIST: In what way do you have to help her?

BILLY: When she asks for my help, I have to be her friend… I’m asking Ali if I have helped Debbie before…she is telling me that I have helped her in many lives…I have been a good friend and confidante….this is our third life since… and she is telling me I have a choice whether to continue to help her in this life….she won’t tell me if this is my last life with her….I’m asking if my karma will be paid off if I help her in this life and she is telling me that it is not for me to know…


BILLY: She is saying make sure not to harm her… need to be very gentle…she is vulnerable…she needs friends….I’m not going to be able to solve all her problems but I can help her…(pause).. Now she is saying that I am learning to forgive myself!

THERAPIST: Ali is saying that you are learning to forgive yourself for the actions you took with Debbie

BILLY: Yes…(pause).. there have been many steps forward in learning to forgive myself in the previous two lives….but I have not been aware …I haven’t been allowed to know …but now Ali is being told that it is ok to tell me

THERAPIST: Is there more about forgiveness for you to learn?

BILLY: She is saying that I am mature enough to know that is what I am doing…in the two previous lives I was not ….I helped Debbie when other people thought I was mad … Debbie was destitute…people thought she was mad, but I helped her, brought her food, tried to calm her down….people saying that she doesn’t know that I am helping her because she has lost her mind…but I helped her anyway… felt like the right thing to do

THERAPIST: Has Debbie agreed to take on this life in order to enable you to forgive yourself?

BILLY: Yes…(pause)…..she needs a lot of help, I can do my bit but I don’t need to be responsible for her….Ali is saying to me that everybody is happy for me that I am mature enough to be told this….Debbie is very gentle…she is the way she is for her own reasons, but I am not allowed to know what they are

THERAPIST: ...but you are allowed to know what your role might be

BILLY: I am allowed to know what my role has been

THERAPIST: I see…it’s for you to decide what your role is for the future

BILLY: Ali is telling me that I know what is wise for the future …

I brought the session to an end shortly afterwards and so we began to work through some of the material that surfaced. Billy realised that he would never be able to tell Debbie about this, but continued to meet her and helped her over the following months. Then Billy reported to me that he had a feeling inside him that something had shifted and that his work with Debbie now felt complete. As for Debbie, she was not my client and I can only accept that, as Ali pointed out, she is the way she is for her own reasons.

This was a powerful session for both Billy and myself. On the one hand none of this could be proved to be real. On the other hand it was relevant and far reaching in its implications. The session supports the idea that karma works by ‘gaining experiential understanding to fulfil the souls need for growth’ rather than a system of ‘hard lives for bad actions’. It also demonstrates that souls can arrange to work together to help each other with that life’s tasks.

It raised a lot of questions for each of us.

What was happening when Ali was ‘told’ that it was ok to let Billy know?

Who was ‘everybody’ that was happy for Billy?

How come a 'wise woman' and healer in one life is deemed mad in another, and is alcohol dependent in yet another?

I was a novice therapist when I first worked with Billy. Sessions such as this inspired me to focus my work in Regression Therapy.

© Dave Graham
Permission Obtained
Names Changed


How Does Past Life Regression Work as a Therapy?
As posted on Sept. '08

Past Life Regression offers an opportunity to become more familiar with an eternal part of yourself. Re-experiencing a time when you have lived a different life can bring a changing perspective to your present life. This in turn can offer a greater sense of the immortality of your soul coexisting with the unavoidable mortality of your physical life.

Yet, to work as a therapy, is there more to Past Life Regression than this alone?

Let’s have a look.

Firstly we can look at human life complete with an aura running through and around the body. Each experience that a person has, registers as an imprinted pattern within the aura according to the nature of the experience. This can show as variations in colour and pattern (when the aura can be seen), with strong experiences registering as a highly charged energy. For instance anger may register in one way with its own colour and pattern, typically red and jagged. Love may form in a different colour and pattern, possibly violet and harmonious.

Normal experiences that register and pass will settle down to a relatively low level imprint that may not appear significant. If the strong experiences do not find resolution then they can remain highly charged and become stored and ingrained within the aura as a deeper impression. This can be especially so in the case of a traumatic event that does not find resolution. When a person reaches the end of their life any unresolved issues stored as highly charged energy in the form of thought, emotion or physical (body) memories within the aura can be transferred as an imprint within the soul as it leaves the body.

Recent research indicates an understanding of the soul as being in a kind of holographic form. The hologram contains different impressions according to the different experiences from different lives, which accumulate from life to life as new experiences are gathered and others are resolved. Unresolved issues remain as deeper imprints which can show up in a new life especially when an early life trigger sets it all off again. At some point the soul that you are will reincarnate in a new life, complete with these past life experiences embedded in this imprint. Going back to the source of an issue whilst in a safe, protected environment and seeking to resolve and release any of these highly charged energies can invoke healing which has a corresponding affect on your current life.

Let’s take an example, a soul that experiences a life as a soldier in mediaeval times ending that life in battle, from a wound to his stomach (physical memory). In the last moment of that life he has the thought that he has failed his family in his inability to protect them ‘I have let them down’ (thoughts). At the same point his feelings are for the family that he loves, of yearning and regret (emotional memories)

So a person that has unexplainable stomach pains may find they originate from an event such as this mediaeval soldier experienced. (NB Do not assume this to be so without seeking appropriate medical advice.) At the same time a person that has irrational thoughts of letting others down without any real basis may also find the origins in such an event. Alternatively a person that has powerful feelings of yearning and regret without being able to make sense of them may also find the origins in such an incident.

As an adult, if you have an opportunity to go back and find resolution and forgiveness for either childhood incidents or earlier life relationships that have caused hurt, then you may find that you are much more able to continue your life in peace and with a sense of acceptance once the new understanding has been achieved.

This commonly occurs for those that seek counselling for difficulties they encounter presently which originate from incidents or relationships they experienced in the past. Consequently this can leave you in a position where you can look forward and devote your energy towards whatever you choose for yourself for now and the future.

As an adult, you may know that the person that you are now is built upon your childhood experiences, ie if you did not have those particular experiences then you would be a different person with different learnings gathered from different experiences.

In a similar way, each life that you experience is built upon a previous life. Each of the experiences of each of those lives contribute to the character of your soul, in turn making you the person that you are today. Finding resolution and forgiveness for unresolved past life experiences can bring about a deeply profound form of healing at a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level that many other therapies cannot achieve.

Past Life Regression Therapy is aimed at getting to the root of a problem. Remembering the events, releasing the energetic blockage and transforming the experience, within a safe and protected environment can bring an outcome that promotes healing which in turn, impacts on the person you are today.

© David Graham
All Are One Therapies


Group Past Life Regression 
As posted on New Age Journal Website Dec '07

The realisation that we have all lived before can be a hugely liberating experience for many of us. In accepting reincarnation as a natural part of the way in which life works can lead to an expanding of the mind and an acceleration of our spiritual development. It can also be a great challenge to the cultural values that we assume to matter so much.

If we have lived before, and this is just one of many incarnations on this earth, then is there a way for us to remember any of them? Is remembering a past life helpful to us in our current life? To remember a past life is to become reacquainted with a part of ourself . This part of ourself has contributed to us becoming the people that we are today.

In western culture, probably the most common method to attempt to become aware of a past life is for a hypnotherapist to relax a client sufficiently and offer suggestions that allow the memories to surface. Using similar techniques a hypnotherapist facilitator can work with a whole group of people, all engaged in the common purpose of accessing our own individual memories of one of our own previous physical lives. For some of us, working within a group all engaged in the same objective, all taking the same risks, is a safer experience. So, we all relax, standing, sitting or lying down wherever appropriate

Feeling safe, connected and engaged are important parts of the process for participants. Establishing a connection with our higher mind and thus enabling access to our own greater wisdom is important especially regarding our ability to select an experience that is most suitable for us to re-experience now. Another important aspect of the event is in inviting the attendance of our spirit guide to assist in the process.

In a workshop setting, we can set our own joint objectives by inviting ourselves to focus on the purpose of the workshop. A short talk on the evidence to support reincarnation helps to focus our mind on the objectives of the session. This engages the rational, critical mind in assessing the merits of reincarnation and past life therapy. This rational critical mind is then invited to take a back seat whilst we engage in exercises designed to stimulate the intuitive parts of ourselves. If we are used to listening to our rational thoughts and dismissing intuitive impulses then how can that be altered so that the intuitive part is allowed to express itself? Progressive relaxation techniques can enable the tension in the body to dissipate and for the conscious mind to stand at ease. We can achieve this firstly by relaxing and allowing the conscious thinking self to loosen its need to control. The relaxation can happen at a physical level and also at a mental and emotional level. Once relaxed, then our focus can turn to the stimulation of our intuitive abilities.

Stimulation of our intuitive abilities can often be helped when we are reminded of our own potential to access these memories. We often do this in dreams, meditation or even daydreams. The most powerful factor that often stunts our potential is this critical mind which dismisses or represses the internal experience that surfaces spontaneously. Often dismissed as imagination or fantasy. Whether some of them are fantasy may be so, yet the action of dismissing these experiences tends to leave our intuitive selves relatively underdeveloped and underused. For some of us it is almost like a part of ourselves that cannot be trusted. When we allow ourselves to take note of these intuitive thoughts, images and feelings, simple acknowledgement is often enough, then a pathway begins to open which makes access to our past life memories so much easier. We can engage in exercises to enable this.

It is important for our imagination to be engaged for these exercises. Imagination that is focussed on a task can be a powerful stepping stone to gaining access to past life memories. Yet when our imagination drifts it can be reeled back in without breaking the flow. Just allowing any distraction to go and refocussing without being self critical over a minor aberration.

So, exercises designed to stimulate our intuition can be employed in several ways. Visually, tuning into another person and noting any differences in that persons face, do any other images come to mind. Using each of our senses; becoming aware of any vague impressions; noting the feelings that seem to go with it; any words that may pop into our head; or even just our sense of knowing. Allowing ourselves the confidence and courage to express whatever we sense. Our concern is not whether we are judged to be right or wrong, our only concern is whether our intuition is being stimulated by the exercise.

We can save the why’s and wherefores until after the exercises have been completed. These engage the rational side of our brain which likes to take over and in doing so the intuition becomes subdued. It encourages conscious interference which would prefer to control our experience. If the conscious mind can be encouraged to take a back seat and just enjoy the ride then all the better. So, we can let the conscious mind off from the task of trying to make sense of it all until the end of the exercises at least. Above all, the exercise is in trusting our own experience. In this way we start to find insight and healing for the people that we are today

So, can any of us access memories of a past life from within a group setting?…..

Yes, as long as we allow ourselves to.

Dave Graham

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