About All are one

"In the twilight of memory we should meet once more,
we shall speak again together
and you shall sing to me a deeper song."

"A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind,
and another woman shall bear me."
Kahlil Gibran
The name 'All Are One Therapies' is inspired by the understanding that we are all connected. We are all essentially spirits, a part of 'all that is', even though each of us has our own individual body and our own individual experience.

In terms of the soul,
We are all made from the same stuff,
We are all coming from the same place
We are all heading to the same place.
We each choose a wealth of different experiences in our lifetime to allow us to grow spiritually.
These experiences enable our soul to gain maturity and move on in the direction it chooses.
The soul chooses its own lifetime in order to gain specific experiences to fulfil its own need for growth. Free will often determines how much we gain from these experiences

My Personal Story

I was born in Birmingham to an Irish catholic family in the mid-fifties. Following a catholic upbringing, I quickly lost interest in religion whilst still a teenager and regarded myself as agnostic by the time I reached adulthood. I married Julia and we raised four sons between us.

By 1998-99 I had become depressed and disillusioned with life and eventually overcame my reluctance to seek help through counselling. The counselling helped me to overcome my negative feelings about myself and the world outside and I began to look forward to life again. With this new found openness, I firstly took a curiosity and then almost stumbled into a Reiki attunement -- a form of spiritual and natural healing. On reflection i realise that this was my 'spiritual awakening', where new personal experiences of beautiful imagery and a sensitivity through my body meant that I could no longer hold on to my world view. I now began to understand myself and others as 'spiritual beings' in physical form.

I went on to become a Usui Reiki Master and have a succession of spiritual experiences over the following years right up until the present day. I trained as a Hypnotherapist, which also offered me a basic training in 'past life regression'. Even so, at this stage I really did not understand the point of past life regression beyond it being an interesting personal experience.

Life changed for me again when my father died in 2006 leaving my brother (who had been his carer) alone with no money, no job and no career. However he did hold a strong interest in past life regression, so we agreed to explore whether it could benefit him. It did. In the first session he was able to establish a connection with a being that he understood to be his 'spirit guide', who appeared to offer him extra wisdom from the session. We had another session which was very powerful for him, helping with a difficult relationship that he was experiencing. By the third session I began to realise that many of the messages from his guide appeared to be for my benefit rather than for my brother. Messages that encouraged more questions, and thus a growing knowledge of the nature and purpose of physical life and reincarnation. There were nine sessions in all, during which i realised that I was being invited to do this work. So I do -- and enjoy it very much.

I moved on to gain specialised training in regression therapy, and this has been the main focus of my work since then. I am constantly amazed at the lasting difference that it can make for clients, through being able to let go of a variety of issues that may not even be understood at a rational level, and in the insights that they gain into their lives.


I am now actively involved in EARTh, an international association of regression therapists promoting the therapy and upholding training standards and a cod of conduct, taking on the role of President since June 2015. The association can be found here www.earth-association.org

I have featured in media to talk about reincarnation and regression therapy and made further contributions in films, books and research projects on the subject.

February 26th 2017 As an invited guest on 'The Big Questions' on BBC1 TV with Nicky Campbell on a Sunday morning to speak on the question 'Have we lived here before?'

March 5th 2017 On Howard Hughes show on Talk Radio in a late night talk on past lives and regression therapy.

Several local radio appearances with BBC Coventry and Warwickshire and BBC WM to talk on past life phenomena from 2012 onwards.

Producer on the film 'Discovering Regression Therapy: A Love Story' Released January 2016

Helped on film 'Why Regression Therapy?' by Ulf Parczyk. Released in 2011. I conducted most of the interviews and provided the voiceover (and general dogsbody!)

Edited and contributed to book 'Regession Therapy for Relationship Issues: A Study of the Approaches, Techniques and Challenges of Applying Regression Therapy for Relationship Issues'. Aimed at the professional regression therapist.

Conducting a research study of ex-clients of regression therapists, aimed to find whether regression therpy has made a difference for a client. https://survey.earth-association.org

The Regression Story

Regression therapy has been pioneered and developed over the last thirty years or so through leading psychologists and psychotherapists from around the world such as Morris Netherton (USA) Hans Ten Dam (Holland) Roger Woolger (UK and USA), Brian Weiss(USA) Michael Newton(USA) Pavel Gyngazov (Russia) and Andy Tomlinson (UK) amongst others. It has demonstrated itself to be a very powerful therapy which is very brief compared to psychotherapy, yet can work very deeply to enable a lasting change.


'there are many changes, I have more confidence and I have been saying no which never happens, almost like I have given myself permission not to take 2nd best anymore, I have no idea where it comes form but I know the experience has made me much stronger' Jane, Leamington --two months after regression

'given time all becomes very clear, a cathartic and deep experience that now enables me to be much more confident and positive in my life.' Jane, Leamington --one year after the same regression
'I feel sort of whole' Lucy, Coventry-two weeks after regression

'The experience was refreshing and completely uplifting. Giving me a greater understanding of where my feelings come from and put to rest some issues that were in my present life. I feel peacefully assured and encouraged to move on with life as being able to reflect on this experience and the positive emotions I felt throughout gives me peace of mind.' Lucy, Coventry -four months after same regression
'I found the session with Dave be of great interest and amazed that my acute shoulder pain which had troubled me for 2 years within a week totally ease. I feel released from that constant pain. I never realised that Past Life regression could help with physical problems and have recommended Past life regression with Dave graham to friends and family.' Jenny, Leamington
'My issue was very broad and I found it hard to focus on a specific aspect, but Dave helped me to focus on the reason that I was there, so that I could find resolution in the end. Thank you Dave' Cheryl, Leamington
'The session was very relevant to what it was intended for and it dealt with the issues that i now face in my life. My thirst has not yet been quenched for regressions and i am definately interested in doing more.'Patrick, Coventry
'I feel that I have gained a good deal from the three sessions and have become more aware of what is really inside me, if you can understand that? I'd like to thank you for your help with this and won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know who could benefit from your services.' Matt, Stratford
‘… eating all sorts of foods that I wouldn't have dared to eat over the last 5 years and still been fine!'     S. Leamington (food intolerance sufferer)
'The regressions allowed me to gain many insights into important issues in my life at the moment and are helping greatly in my ability to resolve them.' Billy, B’ham
'I really enjoyed the Past Life Regression Workshop and was pleasantly surprised at what I achieved... I felt a confidence boost as well as quite thrilled at what I actually got and remembered. In fact I left feeling happy and contented.' Angela, Leamington
'I found the work very useful and it helped me a lot' Hazel, Coventry
'it is a significant learning experience for me. So you were a great help to me for which I thank you'    Barry, Birmingham

My practice is based at my home, 46 Barrow Road, Kenilworth CV8 1EH, or at Simply Spiritual50 Clarendon Street Leamington Spa, or at the Meridian centre, 834 Yardley Wood Road, Billesley, Birmingham B13 0JE

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